Fantoni Shelf-Sitters for Raymor (Update)

Fantoni's Cat Shelf Sitter - Signed "Fantoni for Raymor" on back
Fantoni’s 1957 Cat Shelf Sitter – Signed “Fantoni for Raymor” on back

A cute little cat shelf sitter by Marcello Fantoni for Raymor circa 1957.  The piece is signed on the back “Fantoni Italy for Raymor” (which I have posted a photo of below) and even has a very clear finger print near the signature though I think that might be an accident. Raymor commissioned Fantoni to do this line for the American market.  I’m trying to find out if these pieces ever appear without the attribution to Raymor on them, so far I haven’t found any examples.

Kitty now has a new slightly smaller, angrier Fantoni companion cat.
Update: Kitty now has a slightly smaller, angrier Fantoni companion cat.

Many pieces Raymor imported to the states don’t have any indication from the manufacturer/ designer the piece was specific for Raymor, most of the Bitossi pieces just have “Italy/ ###” then a Raymor sticker which was added later in the US. Other pieces actually have “Raymor” inscribed on the piece along with the artists signature or manufacturers, like this cat does.  I’ve always assumed these were specific contract/commission pieces and only available through Raymor.

Signature on Raymor back of larger cat. "Fantoni Italy for Raymor"
Signature on Raymor back of larger cat. “Fantoni Italy for Raymor”

Along with the cat figure, I’ve also seen some really cute pieces with cavemen – as shelf sitters, on vases and more abstract pieces, from the same series by Fantoni for Raymor. I’m not sure if all of these types of pieces fall under the Raymor umbrella, but I know all the shelf sitters I’ve come across do.

I’m still looking into a few of the unique pieces with caveman motiffs (like vases and planters)  were also Raymor commissions or if Fantoni decided to use the motiff on other pieces outside of Raymor, either before or after the Raymor commission.  I imagine he may have done some early examples of the motif, which Raymor liked and the commissioned followed.

Duplicated "for Raymor" mark on smaller cat
Duplicated “for Raymor” mark on smaller cat


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  1. I found an owl shelf sitter with this same signature on the back at goodwill today. I thought it was a Bitossi, which I have just begun collecting. Then I saw your website. Signature is identical to your examples of Fantoni. I sent you a picture from my cell phone.

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