Raymor Bowl – marked Italy 240

Raymor Bowl Marked "Italy 240"
Raymor Bowl Marked “Italy 240”

I came across a Raymor bowl today in a run down second hand shop for a song. It’s interesting because the bright interior glaze, combined with the neutral gray outside of the bowl (with incised lines) reminds me of some of the enamel ware and dish designs from Norway and Denmark of the same period.  It is a very elegant design and contrasting colors of the interior and exterior display so well on a table.

Bottom marks along w/ gummy remains of Raymor label.
Bottom marks along w/ gummy remains of Raymor label.

Here’s the marking on the bottom of the bowl and the very gummy remnants of the Raymor tag. The way the text is written reminds of Bagni pieces, his pieces had a very specific style of writing ‘Itay” on the bottom, particularly the “y.”

I’m almost positive this bowl would have been one in a series of varying sizes, possibly with different solid colored bright glazes on the interior.  Raymor was very big on ceramic “sets” so that you would buy 3 or 4 pieces in a certain style for display.  It’s very nice to be able to reunite various pieces back into sets for display.  I’ve been able to do this with a few design lines, particularly Londi’s Rimini Blue line for Bitossi.  As for other solo pieces I own I remain on the hunt for their long lost brothers and sisters.


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  1. This is by Cav Guido Bitossi & Figli

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