Gio Ponti Dining set



We recently acquired an exceptional table and four matching chairs by Gio Ponti for M. Singer & Sons.

Gio Ponti was one of the most famous architect/ designers of the 2oth century, making an indelible mark in Europe and America defining the aesthetic of mid century modern.

Gio Ponti was an Italian architect who branched out into designing furniture and objects. He also founded one of the first magazined dedicated to architecture and design, DOMUS, in 1928.  Domus helped bring his ideas and style to a worldwide audience.

In 1951 M. Singer & Sons, a New York City company renowned for traditional fine furniture, decided they needed to offer a new line of furniture incorporating a modern design fused with a European sense of style.

Betty Pepis, the design editor at the New York Times, had been championing the work of Gio Ponti and other italian designers in her Sunday features.  These articles probably played a role in the company seeking out Gio Ponti to create their first line of modern furniture.  Ponti also introduced Ico Parisi and Bertha Schaefer to the M. Singer  company and they contributed additional designs to the “Modern by Singer” line.  Gio Ponti Archives Singer & Son Chair

Pepis wrote about the premier of Modern by Singer furniture in a full page New York Times article entitled “Following Sculptural Lines” on November 4, 1951. The article featured a large photo spread of the chairs seen here, along with photos of several other designs by Ponti and Parisi.

Of particular note is the exceptional construction of this table and chairs. M. Singer and Sons kept their reputation for fine furniture firmly intact when creating Modern for Singer, with keen attention to detail and materials.

DSC_0018The table is 4 feet wide and is constructed of the highest quality walnut with particularly large lumber used for the legs and rather than the typical 1/2″ skirt. The model Gio Ponti designed is well over 1.5″ thick and is cut as a curve from a solid walnut tree core.

The chairs are exceptionally strong, rigid and devoid of any screws or visible dowels.


This set is in exquisite condition and leafs are available to prospective buyers upon request.




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